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  1. Jane Yeatman

    A couple of questions lingering in the back of my mind.

    Will you touch on 1) who pays for the stager? have you had luck with one that gets paid at closing? 2) do you accept a referral fee from the real estate agent on the divorcing parties buy side? Do you consider that the “appearance” of a conflict? Do you always refer outside your team?

  2. Laurel Starks

    Jane – This is really a market specific decision. My stager offers “occupied staging” where they go into the house and spend 2 hours prepping the house for the market using the seller’s stuff. I pay for that and have it done in all of my listings that aren’t investor-flip type homes. As for staging furniture, I do not pay for that. My clients pay for it.

    Yes, I do accept a referral fee from the agent on the buy side, and I have had team members handle the buy side. We are sure to disclose it to both parties and make it clear that I have no contact or any involvement in the process of their purchase. Again, it is highly unusual for an existing seller in a divorce situation to be in a position to purchase. Usually these things happen after the closing.