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Learn exactly what a real estate professional must know about divorce listings.

While most agents are happy to help anyone buy, sell, or invest in real estate, she’s focused on serving just one niche with world-class service and expertise. In doing so, she has grown to become the nation’s leading expert on divorce real estate.

Laurel lives service first, less is more, and relationships matter.

She started by acquiring the knowledge and skills she needed to truly serve her niche. Then, as she gained traction, she made it the sole focus of her practice. And along the way, she’s built real, meaningful relationships with the attorneys and family law experts in her community.

Far more than simply being known, liked, and trusted, she has become the indispensable partner they rely on to help their clients navigate the legal, financial, and emotional realities of selling their home while getting divorced. Can you imagine what that must feel like? To know that your business is secure and totally in alignment with your desire to serve?

It’s rare air, for sure, and that’s why  Laurel has created a special certification for becoming a Divorce Real Estate Professional.